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Local Skip Companies
We only list Local Skip Companies giving you the best prices because they have less distance to travel to deliver your skip and that reduces the overall cost. The directory has all their details and they are just a telephone call or email away. Support your local businesses.
Agents & Brokers
Agents & Brokers get paid a fee and that must come out of the cost you pay for the skip increasing the hiring cost. They are less able to deal with any problems if they arise. Have peace of mind knowing who you are dealing with, a local company who know the area and have a trading history.
Online Quote/Ordering
More and more companies on their websites offer instant quotes 24/7 which can then if you choose, allow you to order and pre-pay your skip hire. We have a 'SAVER' feature where you can get all the local companies to contact you by email/phone.

Before you book a skip find please read our All You Need to Know about Hiring a Skip page this explains delivery/placement/collection of a skip, will you need a road permit and how recycling laws affect what can be put in a skip. Also alternatives such as Wait and Load / Grab.